About Jessika

Creativity runs in my family, so it’s not surprising I’m a graphic designer who feels good design in her gut. Resourceful and thoughtful can describe my process. I like to use different media and create dimensional pieces that stand out and make a statement, big or small. I enjoy using my hands and trying something new. After all, Mama Rosie says, “You gotta try everything once.”

With more than six years of experience as a graphic designer, I have worked with brand identities (both creating and expanding upon them to develop a story for the client/consumer), logo design, packaging development, and marketing campaigns with print and digital assets.

Problem-solving is integral to design and my experience in a multitude of environments has taught me something new, changed how I approach design thinking and pushed me to craft unique solutions. I live by the idea that no matter what stage of life or career a person is in, they should never stop learning. And what I don’t know, I learn.

I moved to Seattle a few years ago on whim and for opportunity.
Plus the clouds and rain. Please don’t let California know.

Additional Experience

[Currently] Freelancing as Jessika Rad, dabbling in UX, enjoying the view from my workspace
[2017-2019] Lead designer at botanicaSEATTLE: your packaging & brand extraordinaire
[2017] Visual Designer at Amazon
[2016] Lead Graphic Designer at Agape Creative Studios
[2014-2015] Design Intern at The Lab, GRIDS President
[2013-2014] In house designer for Sac State's on campus printer
[2012 - 2015] Earned a BS in Graphic Design at Sac State & freelancing
[2010 - 2012] Production management , editorial experience


[Living] Seattle
[Watching] I had to sign out of Netflix for my own good
[Reading] Meaty
[Drinking] Longshoreman's Daughter Coffee
[Eating] Always
[Status] Looking for that special job
[Sun Sign] Virgo

Winner of the 1990 Miss Tropicana Competition, Infant Division,
Thanks Mom & Dad