DINNER w/ friends Branding


The Design: Dinner with friends is a design-focused, quarterly lifestyle magazine celebrating California's Central Valley. The founder came to Agape Creative Studios in need of a brand identity. Her main needs were a logo and lettermark, business cards, patterns and a thank you postcard. I was the lead and sole designer on this project. Dinner with friends is focused on quarterly dinners with locals of the Central Valley. The brand needed to portray warmth and feel inviting. I chose gold and blue to demonstrate this. The warm gold represents the constant sun and agriculture of the Valley and the refined navy blue contrasts this.

The second theme the founder wanted was natural. I created 4 patterns with floral elements that expanded the color palette to represent this. Each of these patterns was made by hand, using ink and real leaves. With the strong, simple Futura, the patterns contrast well and bring in a fun and inviting feel.

Why: Kendra Gilbert founded the magazine that is unique to the growing Central Valley. It showcases food, people and life in the Valley. All contributors are local to the area. She wants to inspire the visitors and locals of the Central Valley specifically to see the beauty around them.