Karl Blossfeldt Poster & Brochure


The Design: The poster and brochure are complementary pieces and work together as a system, using the same photos, colors, fonts and grid. Both pieces use the system of a 3-column grid with interruptions and linear elements to draw the reader through the pieces. The photos available could not be altered (copyrighted work of the photographer) and the copy could not be adjusted.

Karl Blossfeldt's photography combines nature and science. The use of simple white space with large interruptions of natural, organic photos relates to the clean process of science within nature. The type palette represents modern and classic, representative of Blossfeldt’s work.

The poster is the simpler piece allowing the viewer to see all the information at once. The brochure contrasts this with its layered edges that use the photographer’s work as decorative elements to create a multi-dimensional point of interest.