botanicaGLOBAL Seed Deck


The Design: The main focus for this deck was showing off the success and wide breadth of product and reachable market of the company for potential investors. The design of this is easy to digest with white backgrounds and medium value of colors that have been pulled from various brands within the company. Navy blue and gray are botanica’s brand colors and those created the headers and content, while the data and graphs are showcased in the aforementioned brighter brand colors.

This presentation shows a correlation with the alcoholic beverage market and shows that cannabis market is steadily growing. Each of botanica’s brands have a slide that gives a quick snapshot of the type of product, it’s style and market. The ability to quickly learn brand standards and keep consistency was integral to rounding out this deck and allowing the amount of content to be easily read.

Please note: some of this content has been edited and many of the slides not shown due to private information.